My third collaboration with Maison Margiela and designer John Galliano – I created the story and script based on design concepts by John Galliano for his 2021 Artisinal collection, which I wrote by candelight during a blackout in December 2020. In addition to the collection itself (and what had inspired Galliano in creating it), I drew further inspiration from foundational nautical and folk horror texts such as Frederick Marryat’s The Phantom Ship, Jean Ray’s ‘The Horrifying Presence’, Alan Garner’s Red Shift, M.R. James’ ‘A Warning to the Curious’, William Hope Hodgeson’s ‘The Voice in the Night’, and Brian Lumley’s ‘Fruiting Bodies’ (there’s even a nod to Alice Lowe’s Prevenge in there). I was originally working with photographer Nick Knight, but when COVID travel restrictions made the cross-border shoot impossible, the project was reconfigured to be directed in France by Olivier Dahan (Ma Vie en Rose).