From Absurd Exposition website: 

“The interests and works of Kier-La Janisse and Sam McKinlay have consistently overlapped and intertwined throughout the past two decades, with a basic commonality being their mutual fondness for cult European cinema. Most recently, Janisse offered up a brief dossier on The Rita via director Nicolas Winding Refn’s byNWR website, a haven for the truly obscure. Her text was accompanied by a track from The Rita entitled “Spiked Heels and Black Nylons” and a documentary, “Tights Worship: The Processes of The Rita”, directed by Mike McKinlay (Sam’s brother). Now, with “Introduction and Immersion”, the two contribute long form studies of their deep interests. Janisse reads an excerpt, aptly titled ‘Spike Heels’, from “Women’s Rites”, written by French dominatrix Catherine Robbe-Grillet under her nom de plume Jeanne de Berg in 1985. McKinlay, as The Rita, offers up his newest form of deconstruction and obsession. The concentration of these pieces lend themselves to a sort of reaction/response approach, while the length of each allows for true “immersion” in the studies. The pairing is seamless.”

Released August 30, 2020 on Absurd Exposition
KIER-LA JANISSE reading ‘Spike Heels’ from “Women’s Rites” by Catherine Robbe-Grillet (as Jeanne de Berg) – Recorded by Jim Kunz
THE RITA – Nylons in the Waiting Room Source V2 (Closer Inspection)
Edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes with 4×6 artwork housed in plastic bags. Includes download code. C41.